Women's Physique Competitor Rules

   Competitors will compete in a two-piece suit.

   The bottom of the suit must be v-shaped.

   No thongs are permitted.

   Competitors can compete in an off the rack suit.

   All swimsuits must be in good taste.

   It is recommended that the athlete bring two (2) suits to check in (in the event that suit is improper).

   Athletes will be scored down if the suit is not up to standard.

   Competitors may wear jewelry.

Posing Music

   Posing music will be used at the Finals.

   Posing music must be on a CD, flashdrive or thumbdrive and must be the only music on the CD, flashdrive or thumbdrive.

   Posing music must should be cued to the start of the music.

   Posing music must not contain vulgar lyrics. Competitors using music containing vulgar lyrics will be disqualified.

Height Classes

A Women's Physique competition may be divided in the following height classes.

2 Classes

Class A Up to and including 5’6”
Class B Over 5’6”

3 Classes

Class A Up to and including 5’4”
Class B Over 5’4” and up to and including 5’6”
Class C Over 5’6”

4 Classes

Class A Up to and including 5’2”
Class B Over 5’2” and up to and including 5’4”
Class C Over 5’4” and up to and including 5’6”
Class D Over 5’6”

Women's Physique Judging Format

    Individual routine with 10 second warning up to one minute in time.

    Quarter turns.

    Mandatory posing comparisons/callouts.


Judges will be scoring competitors using the following criteria:

   Competitors should display a toned, athletic physique showcasing femininity, muscle tone, beauty/flow of physique.

   Excessive muscularity should be scored down accordingly.

   Women’s Physique competitors should have the overall aesthetics and look that is found in Figure with a little more overall muscularity.

Posing Routine

   Finals routine will be maximum 60 to 90 seconds in length, performed to music of athletes choice adhering to rules set forth by the NPC. Music containing profanity or explicit language should not be used and may result in routine being cut short.

   No props will be used.

   No heels may be worn at any time during the competition/judging of women’s physique.


   Front Double Bicep, open hands (no flat footed full front pose – some sort of front twisting pose)

   Side Chest with arms extended

   Side Tricep with Extended Leg

   Rear Double Bicep, open hands (no flat footed full front pose – some sort of front twisting pose)

   Abdominals with one thigh

Join the CPA

To compete or participate in a CPA event, athletes must be registered with the CPA.

Competitor Health

   Any competitor who appears to be disoriented, light-headed or experiences undue cramping will not be permitted to compete.

   Any competitor disqualified for health reasons must be checked by the attending EMT and, if it is advised by the EMT, must go to the nearest hospital for evaluation.

   Competitors who refuse to be evaluated by the EMT or at the hospital will be suspended from competition for a period of one year from the date of the occurrence.

Junior and Masters

   Junior Atheltes - must be under 21 years of age as of the day of the show.

   Junior Natural Athletes – must be 23 and under as of the day of the show.

   Masters Men - must be 40 years of age or over as of the day of the show.

   Grand Masters Men– must be 50 years of age or over as of the day of the show.

   Masters Women - must be 35 years of age or over as of the day of the show.

   Grand Masters Women – must be 45 years of age or over as of the day of the show.

Qualifications received as a junior, master or grand master are valid for the respective division only and may not be carried over to the open divisions.

Athlete Registration/Weigh-Ins

   CPA registrations take place the day prior to the contest at a location provided by the contest promoter. The promoter will publish the Official Athlete Registration start time. All competitors, regardless of category, must be present for the Official Athlete Registration.

   During the Official Athlete registration, the head judge will determine the order in which the competitors are called up for official weigh in’s/height. After being officially weighed in/heighted, the competitor will receive competitor number and verification of information prior to data entry,

   All competitors will present themselves in the same attire that they will be wearing throughout the Prejudging and Finals so that the head judge may ascertain that the competitors posing attire meets the accepted standards.

   Please note: Any competitor who does not make weight will be given a maximum of 30 minutes in which to do so. If, for whatever reason, the competitor does not return within thirty minutes, he or she will be eliminated from the competition. The onus is on the competitor to return within the deadline; the CPA is under no obligation to issue time warnings or to track down the competitor.

    Junior and Masters competitors At the time of the Official Athlete Registration, a junior or master competitor must produce documentary evidence of his date of birth (i.e. passport, birth certificate, etc.)


   The only people permitted in the backstage area are competitors, expediters, CPA officials & CPA Media.